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How It Works


Our focus is on creating a responsible platform to facilitate peer to peer lending. This means you can rent beautiful pieces to compliment your outfit with the freedom to change and update your wardrobe without making a huge investment. The concept is based on a lower cost and sustainable way to make luxurious products and gorgeous pieces accessible for every day, for every woman.

Join us on our beautiful adventure, and browse our curated selection of new and pre-owned accessories:


Rent as you go

Rent as you go

Rent as you go

  • - Create your Trendy Stash account and join our family to begin borrowing directly from our collections and from our lending partners
  • - Select dates and request a booking for the item which is catching your eye
  • - Decide how long to rent forl from 2 to 14 days to suit you
  • - Rent one beautiful accessory at a time, as often as you wish
  • - Return the item once the rental is over, and choose another gorgeous accessory to brighten your days

Looking for something more special?

Subscribe one of three membership options.

2 items per month

Conscious Trendy

  • - 1 item at a time for up to 14 days
  • - Free delivery to you
  • - 1 item
  • - Free delivery
4 items per month

Responsible Trendy

  • - 2 items at a time for up to 14 days each
  • - Free delivery to/from you on both items
  • - 2 items
  • - Free delivery
6 items per month

Uber Trendy

  • - 4 items for up to 14 days each
  • - Free delivery to/from you, free insurance
  • - 2 items
  • - Free delivery


Every product marked as ‘for sale’ is available to buy; if any accessory captures your imagination there is no need to register or subscribe. Whilst we offer our beautiful products for sale as with any other online shop, you are also able to ask questions of the seller to ensure your purchase is perfect for you. The checkout process is as simple, smooth and effortless as it should be.

Trendy Stash strives for excellence in every way, and so the team personally ensures that every item for sale, whether brand new or pre-loved is genuine and in perfect condition. We hope that all our customers will feel comfortable, confident and empowered in being able to order luxury items in the knowledge that you are contributing to our passion for extending the lifecycle of products made with incredible craftsmanship, and buying an accessory of the highest quality that will withstand the test of time.


Our company was born with the recognition that timeless and beautiful pieces are often not given as much life as they were created for. Should you own designer handbags or sunglasses which are not used often enough, we invite you to join us in sharing these pieces in a safe and secure rental process with likeminded women who will gain as much joy from borrowing your pieces as we are sure you will enjoy earning an income stream from them. We believe that sustainable fashion is truly the best fashion, and accessories crafted from pure quality should always be enjoyed and be allowed to sparkle! If you would like to add your accessories to our lending library, here is how it works:

listan item
get paid

Lend as you go

Lend as you go

Lend as you go

  • - Create your Trendy Stash account and start sharing your beautiful items with our rental customers
  • - List your accessory details, following the steps, and we will quicky review and approve
  • - Once another customer selects your item for rental, you will start earning income
  • - Please remember that rental is per day, from 2 to 14 days
  • - There are no limits on how many items you may list and choose to lend
  • - Earn up to 70% commission on all your rentals and receive your payments within 14 days.


Should you decide that the time has come to part company with your beautiful designer handbag or sunglasses, you are welcome to offer them for sale through Trendy Stash. We support all our sellers in finding a new, loving home for their pre-loved accessories, and pride ourselves in being able to offer quality products in great condition and finding them a perfect new owner who will take great pride in owning them!

We ACCEPT all items which are either new or pre-loved, in excellent condition. Please do not worry should they have any minor marks on the interior or exterior, have any slight fading to hardware, minor scratches or be slightly out of shape, have any light watermarking on leather, or loose threads – we all know that wear and tear simply shows a life well lived. We are a genuine and authentic company and will always make sure any potential buyer can see very clearly the condition of any item for sale.

Unfortunately, we CANNOT ACCEPT items which have more severe damage such as torn or ripped fabric, peeling or cracking leather or material, ripped or damaged handles, extreme discolouration or staining, bear holes in the fabric, have a fabric run or damaged zippers. This is in consideration of the condition in which our buyers trust us to sell products to them in, and so if you have a beautiful product which has been loved just a little too much, it may need repairs carried out to it to be in a suitable condition to sell.

Once you decide to join us as a Trendy Stash seller, you will earn up to 70% commission and receive payment within 14 days.